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Our School and Tencent Company Held a Signing Ceremony for School-enterprise Strategic Cooperation

On the morning of Mar.15th, our school and Tencent Cloud Computing Co.,Ltd. held a signing ceremony for school-enterprise strategic cooperation in the lecture theatre.



Attendants included general manager of Tencent cloud education Qian Xulei, general manager of business Zhang Xu liang, manager of industry operation Li Chunmei, industry director Liu Shuang, secretary of school party committee and principal Huang Jianhang, vice principal Lu Shuhong, heads of relevant departments of school, teachers and students majoring in computer science. Vice principal Lu Shuhong hosted the ceremony.



Vice principal Lu Shuhong first extended a warm welcome to the present leaders and guests. He said that for 38 years since the foundation of our school, it had had brilliant achievement in running school and become a vocational school with some influence around the country. Tencent Company is an internet technology company developing in Shenzhen. Now it is the largest provider of internet synthesis service in China and one of the internet enterprises serving the most users in China. It has great international influence. The two sides had gone into strategic partnership and had win-win cooperation. We believed that a beautiful flower of cultivating students jointly by our school and the enterprise would blossom.


Principal Huang Jianhang stated that the school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of production and education is a mode for school and enterprise to cultivate talents jointly as well as an important measure for enterprises, schools, students and the society to have benefit together. As a vocational school distinct from general education, it embodies the most typical features that are cooperation with enterprises and integration of production and education. Through these cooperation and integration, we can better serve the regional economy and better cultivate the high-quality technical and skilled personnel that meet the need of enterprise development. In particular, cooperation with high-end enterprises like Tencent will promote the professional construction of our school, improve the professional skills of our teachers and students and improve the quality of vocational education.



Principal Huang Jianhang said that there would be very broad cooperative space for the cooperation between our school and Tencent in the future. We look forward to further cooperation with Tencent company in strategic emerging industries such as 5G, internet of things, intelligent equipment, as well as in the implement of shared teacher training, students internship and practical training, employment, and integration of production and education to promote the precise connection between the supply side of vocational education and the demand side of industry, jointly create a new model of school-enterprise cooperation, inject new impetus into the high-end development of Shenzhen vocational education and make new contributions to serving Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.



General manager Qian Xulei gave a speech on behalf of Tencent Cloud. He expressed gratitude to school for choosing Tencent Cloud Company as the cooperative enterprise. His company valued the cooperation with the First Vocational School very much. The company was going to invest more resources and energy to accelerate the cooperation with the school. First, the company would provide cloud computing technology, data products, teaching management and other resource including laboratory platform and laboratory courses. Second, some course resources of professional certification would be open to teachers and students to provide information support for students’ certification. Third, they would provide various kinds of vocational skills competition channels to enrich the participation experience of teacher and students, and recommend the excellent technical talents of our school to go out. Fourth, they would have deep cooperation with other enterprises to provide support for the students in internship and employment.



Afterwards, vice principal Lu Shuhong and general manager Xu Zhangliang signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. General manager Qian Xulei represented Tencent Company to conferred tablet of Tencent Cloud School-enterprise Cooperation Base to principal Huang Jianhang, marking the formal establishment of cooperation between the two sides in professional construction, practical training base construction, talent cultivation and other aspects.



The successful signing ceremony for the education cooperation between our school and Tencent Cloud marked another big step of our school in school-enterprise cooperation. Our school and Tencent Company will make full use of the resource advantages of both sides and have in-depth cooperation in the aspect of integration of product and education, talent cultivation and so on to realize win-win development.


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