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Another Batch of Our Students Got the Bachelor’s Degrees in Wintec in New Zealand

With the growing of grass and flying of birds, another spring comes. A piece of good news has been delivered by our students from New Zealand. They have completed their professional learning in Waikato Institute of technology in New Zealand and graduated successfully with bachelor’s degrees. According to a report, their degrees are recognized by Chinese Ministry of Education.


Due to the pandemic, Wintec didn’t arrange graduation cereomony for the graduates of 19 in 2020. So the graduates of these two years gathered in this year’s graduation ceremony.


In 2020, 8 students from our international class graduated in Wintec. In 2019, the number was 9. Among them, 8 students have got the bachelor’s degrees of applied management. 8 students have received the bachelor’s degrees of computer application and 1 student has got the bachelor’s degree of media art.


The graduation ceremony of Wintec was held in March every year. Because of the influence of COVID-19 pandemic in these two years, most students were not able to participate in the graduation ceremony on the spot and only several students were present.


Our students of international classes have overcome the obstacle of language and various difficulties in life in the process of learning in New Zealand. With consistent effort in these years, they have finally completed all the courses and got bachelor’s degrees. They have fulfilled their dream of studying overseas. At a new starting point, they will continue to pursuit their dreams and fly with wings spread out.


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